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Depuis 1973, c'est toujours avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme et de professionnalisme que toute l'équipe des Thermes Marins de Perros Guirec vous accueille
de  février à fin décembre.

Notre centre de thalassothérapie est situé face à l'archipel des sept îles et à côté du sentier des douaniers de la célèbre côté de granit rose. Nous sommes
équipés de plus de 40 cabines de soins, de deux piscines et d'un hammam.
Venez découvrir ou re-découvrir les bienfaits de la thalassothérapie.

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 Better know the Thermes Marins !

The Centre of the Thermes Marins was designed in 1973. On 2800m ² you will find over 35 rooms to achieve hydro massage baths, seaweed baths, seaweed wraps, mud therapy, seawater jets and jet stream. Enjoy our pool of seawater heated to 33 ° (100m ²) for water aerobics and rehabilitation course in the pool. A second 35 ° heated pool (40m ²), equipped with jet has a direct view of the beach Trestraou. 6 cabins for beauty, 2 jet cabins, 1 cabin CelluM6 and the Turkish Baths complement our facilities.


Discover the thalassotherapy :

The benefits of the marine environment have been recognized since antiquity. Sea water, the basis of thalassotherapy, has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. By heating, minerals and trace elements that compose the water, penetrate the skin barrier and remineralise your body.Combined with the sea air charged with negative ions, the sun, and the benefits of the seaweed, the thalassotherapy offers fitness overall. In effect, the aerobic capacity and blood circulation is improved, toxins eliminated, mobility is worked with the aqua gym courses where resistance to water allows deep muscle work.

Perros-Guirec is also a health resort famous with the influence of the Gulf Stream, which completes your treatment

The average time recommended for a thalassotherapy cure is 5 to 6 days. Before any treatment for cures Health, one of the doctors of the center will receive you in consultation to confirm or adjust your schedule. A certificate of non-cons indication to thalassotherapy treatments will be asked Evasion’s cures. 

Thermes marins Boulevard Joseph Le Bihan 22700 Perros-Guirec tel 02 96 23 28 97