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Cure Energy / vitality (Cure 2015)

This treatment combines the virtues of the sea and clays selected according to your energy needs.
Only Available on 2015
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        • Traditional Chinese Energetic Massage
          • This massage improves energy balance through finger pressure along the body’s meridian energy lines and releases congestion points which block energy circulation.
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          • Modelage Suédois
            • Modelage dynamique qui permet
              l’élimination des toxines et l’assouplissement des muscles.
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            • Nouveau ! Modelage Balinais
              • Ce massage s’inscrit dans la lignée des Energétiques et agit en profondeur sur la décontraction musculaire, les organes internes et le stress.
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              • Hydromassage bath with essential oils
                • Micro sub aquatic bubbles disposed along the sides of the hydrotherapy tub wich produces a full massage. The virtues of the hot seawater and the jwater massage provides relaxation.
              • seaweed bath
                • Added in the Spa Bath, laminaria seaweed tones the body while replenishing essential elements such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements.
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                  • Applied in thick layers only on the back, seaweed has remarkable re-mineralising, slimming and relaxing effects
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                  • Aquagym class
                    • Rediscover the wonderful benefits of this discipline which combines water pleasures with the virtues of exercising. 

                      In a lively atmosphere, the sessions are individualized according to the targeted level and objectives : slim down your figure, drain your body, improve your health, relieve your back, get rid of stress,... 

                      Efficient and not hard on your body, aquagym is suitable for all ages.At 9H30 AM each morning from monday to saturday and at 3 PM from monday to friday.
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                    • Underwter jet massage
                      • Lay down on a matress, a jet of heated water that massages, relaxes and stimulates the circulation and helps weight loss.
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                      • Jet shower
                        • It is the work of a body massage combined with a water jet of variable pressure. Toning and firming, it effectively combats cellulite. The physical effect is accentuated by the  high salt content present the seawater.

                    19 soins 765 €
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