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Well being Package

This package was created in order to receive the benefits of the hot sea water for one morning
or one afternoon :
-1 bubbling bath with seaweed
-1 vichy shower or water matress jet (hydrojet)
-1 hot marine mud application or cryotonic treatment (for heavy legs)
-1 underwater jets class in our pool
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        • Soins parmi :
        • Cryotherapy
          • The lower limbs are wrapped in seaweed to provoke a sensation of intense cold, making the blood vessels contract and improving the circulation.
        • Marine Mud application
          • The marine elements in these warm muds penetrate the skin and help give effective relief for the symptoms of rheumatism.
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          • Soins parmi :
          • seaweed bath
            • Added in the Spa Bath, laminaria seaweed tones the body while replenishing essential elements such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements.
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            • Soins individuels parmi :
            • Underwter jet massage
              • Lay down on a matress, a jet of heated water that massages, relaxes and stimulates the circulation and helps weight loss.
        3 soins 95 € 90 mn
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